Break from Tradition: Wedding catering with a twist

Food tends to be a common interest in a relationship, from your first dinner date to your Friday night takeaway traditions, you and a partner are likely to bond over your shared love of a certain cuisine.

What better way to tap in to your love of Thai or your penchant for Parisian food than to indulge in this kind of theme for your wedding catering, a day that reflects who you are as a couple. The standard wedding breakfast usually consists of a traditional main of meat and vegetables but the safe option isn’t always the best!

The Nation’s Favourites

It may come as no surprise to learn that when it comes to Brits culinary preferences the nation infact opt for classic, oriental cuisines such as Chinese. So, although a roast may be customary, studies show that Chinese has become just as much the nation’s favourite. When it comes to offering a menu that your guest will love, it’s worth considering less conventional options.

Break from tradition

2018 is the year to break away from the norm. Ice cream trucks, walls of doughnuts and jars of sweets; Instagram and Facebook are filled with pictures of quirky ways couples are mixing things up to make their wedding the most memorable and fun!

Take the conventional buffet concept further and work with street food chefs who can cook on wok stations in front of your guests, offering an inventive and more interactive experience that allows them to see what is going into their meal.

In keeping with the favourite of the nation, perhaps spice up the snacks and pre-dinner appetizers and go for canapés with an Asian theme. Glazed pork lollipops and duck spring rolls can be a tantalizing treat for guests. Whatever your idea, a good caterer can help you make them a reality on your wedding day!

After-party snacks

Nowadays wedding start at varying times and go on long in to the evening so, the traditional wedding breakfast isn’t enough to sustain your guests all day. The solution, of course, is midnight snacks that are quick and easy to eat standing with a drink! Bacon or sausage rolls tend to be popular.

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