Catering Services Through The Centuries!

Catering is by no means a new industry. In the 4th millennium BC, catering provided food for soldiers during transportation and along trade routes in China, Egypt, Greece and the Roman empire. In the Middles Ages, catering started throughout the monasteries and fed people during the Christian pilgrimages in Europe. However, the idea quickly spread as a way to entertain the upper class and became a service for the rich and famous. Who could afford to pay others to prepare food and drinks for their events. Seen as a luxury, catering continued to flourish amongst the aristocracy in Europe. French chef, Alexis Soyer, even invented the catering boiler to keep food warm during events. The first of many technical innovations which enhanced the catering industry.

It was not long before the idea of catering reached our shores and companies popped up everywhere to provide their services.

Nowadays we can say farewell to traditional and expensive special occasions catering reserved only for the rich and hello to a new wave of affordable catering services. Providing food and drink for all kinds of functions including weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, breakfasts and baby showers!

As we enter a new age, with this generation valuing convenience and quality above all else when it comes to their buying and eating decisions. Catering seems like the perfect solution! The accessibility and affordability of catering services has evolved and the trends of today now include catered dinner parties at home. Beautifully themed and creative wedding breakfasts and catered BBQs!

Believe it or not, high-quality catering doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune.

Therefore, at Perfect Day Caterers. We aim to provide affordable catering services without scrimping on the quality! With a passion for good food, local ingredients and top-notch service. You are guaranteed to get exactly what you want from our local catering service.

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