How to Choose a Wedding Caterer

Quality of food

Of course you want to know that the food is going to be good. Food is a big part of any wedding day and it’s what your guests will remember. Whether that be because it’s really good or really bad! If you’re a couple who are into your food, you want to be able to show this through your food choices. Speak with your wedding caterers about what they can do for you and that they will meet the standard you should expect for your wedding day. Ask them where they source their produce and how important the quality of food is to them.

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Food Tastings

Your caterer should be able to offer a food tasting for your wedding menu. This is how you’ll be able to make decisions about the food. It’s not easy choosing just one dish to please all your guests, so having a tasting will really help to put your mind at rest. After all, if you like it, so will most of your guests.


Most wedding caterers will have a set of dishes that they cook regularly and that they know work well for large events and weddings. But they should also be flexible to cater to your specific tastes and preferences. But do make sure you take their advice about what they know will and won’t work. Steaks cooked to order for example will not be a good choice for a wedding.


If you want your wedding to stand out from the rest, you’ll probably want your food to be a little different. Ask your caterers what they can do other than a standard 3 course wedding breakfast. With food trends changing all the time there are new and exciting ways to create and serve food such as street food stalls, Asian, Middle Eastern, Mexican influences, sharing platters, DIY food bars. Make your wedding memorable for the right reasons!

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On the day

Talk to your caterers about how they will manage and co-ordinate on the day. Will they manage the set-up of the tables and make sure that the place names have been laid out according to the table plan? Will they know to delay the wedding breakfast sit-down if the wedding over-ran for example? Will they check-in with the ushers when it’s time to get guests to sit down? Will they make sure that drinks have been poured in time for the speeches? All of this should happen without you even noticing, so make sure your caterer has an experienced co-ordinator that you can trust.

Additional services

Planning a wedding is not easy, so why not make your life easier by reducing the number of suppliers you need to deal with. If you choose a caterer that can provide some of other details for you, such as marquee hire, venue decorations, invites and table plans then you’ll find the whole process much simpler.

Talk to us at Perfect Day to find out how we can help you with your wedding plans and provide you with creative, innovative and above all really tasty food!