Fuel your meetings with corporate catering

Although working in a corporate environment doesn’t have the same obvious risks as working in the construction or labouring industry. Office work affects the mind and body in totally different ways. Besides bad posture, eye strains and head aches. Tiredness and ultimately suffering mental health from being over-worked and stressed are all issues that shouldn’t be ignored.

Generally speaking, a healthy work-life balance, plenty of sleep and taking regular breaks from your screen and sitting at your desk will improve your mood and productivity during your working day. However, studies have also shown that eating healthily and at set times also contributes dramatically to your wellbeing at work!

Brainfood for your breakfast meeting

The word ‘breakfast’ literally means ‘breaking the fast’. It is needed to replenish energy levels that have drained overnight and enables you to start the day fully-charged.

Breakfast kick-starts the metabolism and provides the nutrients our bodies need to keep us going. Statistically, skipping breakfast can leave employees feeling irritable, tired and unable to take in information quickly and efficiently.

In order to get people operating at their best and setting them up for the rest of the day, with our help. You can offer a nutritious breakfast selection for those early mornings!

People tend to be able to concentrate better earlier in the day so these kind of breakfast meetings should be encouraged. What better way for teams to bond and bounce ideas off each other than over some hot bacon rolls!

Meeting and Eating

Perhaps you are having a corporate lunch and are expecting clients, the promise of food not only sweetens the deal but provides a professional touch. Meetings can be long and arduous. So breaking the brainstorming with freshly prepared sandwiches or a cake platter is often a welcomed treat. Eating is enjoyable and meetings can be stressful so you may even find the mood relaxes and the experience is more productive as a result when you combine the two!

Serve the right snacks

Most importantly, you want to ensure you are offering the right snack to suit every employee or client. As much as a cake platter is delicious. We are able to provide healthy snacks to help improve mood, productivity and energy levels. Anything fruity, oaty or eggy normally goes down a treat for breakfast. For a boost at lunch, fish and meats are a good source of protein. We are also always accommodating if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies!

At Perfect Day Caterers, we can help kick start your day the right way, with healthy berry breakfasts or daily lunch orders to ensure your team are provided with nutritious meals each day.

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