How Perfect Day Caterers can help you host a wedding just like Harry and Meghan’s

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are quite possibly the world’s most famous couple. With their engagement sparking the imaginations of excited brides everywhere. Following the extravagant ceremony held for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. There is little doubt that this day will be anything short of perfection.

Among the many aspects of a wedding which must be considered and planned comes the food. Providing a delicious meal and tempting treats for guests is something every couple must consider. Including Harry and Meghan. Of course, this task is much simpler for the soon-to-be royal couple… who will have teams of people organising the big day and budget being no issue! However, it is possible for you to host a wedding with an equally indulgent dining experience without the price tag.

Here are our tips for hosting a wedding dinner just like Harry and Meghan’s:

1. Scrap tradition:

Meghan is without a doubt the most contemporary royal bride-to-be the UK has seen. This suit-wearing, mixed-race, American actress appears to continuously rebel against royal traditions. From her choice of handbag (seemingly, wearing anything other than a clutch defies monarch tradition) to wedding planning. For example, while most royal weddings have previously included a Christmas-style fruitcake. Harry and Meghan are rumoured to be indulging in a banana cake for their big day. In addition,the Telegraph have reported that “this will be the first royal wedding cake made of bananas”. Bananas are Harry’s favourite fruit and are said to hold a special meaning for the couple who spent a large proportion of their early relationship travelling exotic countries.

Follow Meghan’s lead and do not feel restricted by tradition. From a black rock ‘n’ roll cake to a DIY style buffet, do what suits you!

2. Pay attention to the finer details:

Much like every other aspect of your big day. It is important to pay close attention to the food you select for your menu. Find a caterer you can trust and tailor each course to your preferences. For Will and Kate’s wedding, guests were treated to a three-course menu of salmon, lamb and a trio of desserts. Berkshire honey ice-cream, sherry trifle, and chocolate parfait. The couple’s favourites. It is therefore likely that similar thought will be given to the personalisation of Meghan and Harry’s menu. For example, Meghan herself used to run a blog called ‘The Tig’ named after the full-bodied Tuscan red wine, Tignanello. So it is fair to assume that this will not be in short supply on the day.

Furthermore, if you have favourite dishes as a couple, ingredients or unique ideas with an intimate meaning to you – use them! You don’t need to choose dishes straight from our menu, we do bespoke menus for all of our couples who want something a little different.

3. Don’t feel pressure to go big:

The Duke and Duchess’ wedding was a national affair. However, it has been reported that Harry and Meghan wish for a much smaller, intimate celebration. If, like the royal couple, you desire a smaller event do not feel you are sacrificing decadence or quality. The food and wine can be just as good. If anything, this means you can invest more heavily in the finer details of your catering experience offering additional treats for your guests. Such as extra cupcakes, ‘midnight snacks’ as your reception draws into the early hours or a trio of desserts to make sure there is something for everyone!