Why The Starter Is The Most Important Course

A food revolution is well underway in the UK. To turn our boring and beige cuisine into a celebration of delicious flavours, fusions and influences from around the world. With fresh new ingredients now being both grown locally and imported from across the globe. The UK has undergone a culinary awakening over the last decade and dining experiences have been transformed.

Not only have the types of ingredients we’re eating changed, but so has the way we eat and structure a menu. While starters have always been an integral part of fine dining catering. They are really the unsung hero of the menu. After all, starters can make or break a dining experience, setting the bar for what is to come!

To celebrate this stylish and versatile dish. Perfect Day Caterers in Essex take a look at what makes the starter the most important course and how you can serve it with style.

Just The Right Amount

One of the best things about starters is that you aren’t overloaded with a huge plate of food. You can treat your guests to a taster and leave them wanting more. When you’re hosting a dinner party and your guests turn up ravenous to start with. The starter allows them to satisfy any immediate hunger, giving you time before the main course.

A Taste of What’s To Come

After creating the perfect menu, your starter is the prime opportunity to set your guests’ expectations for the rest of the meal. If the starter is an exciting, original combination of flavours you’ll certainly wet your guests appetites and prepare them for what’s to come!

Get Creative

Across the UK, chefs and caterers for private dining have started to step up their creativity levels and develop unique tasting dishes as a starter option. Whether it’s strong flavours, high quality ingredients or different cuts of meat. The small size of an entrée means they can use lavish ingredients and flavours without it becoming overly pricey or too much for the palette. Therefore, chefs and catering companies can showcase a whole range of talents before the main course.

To whet your appetite, a few new additions to our dinner party menus include pigs cheeks with butternut squash puree and apple slaw. Trio of salmon with watermelon and avocado, and tiger prawn fishcakes with pickled vegetables.

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