What to Expect From Your Tasting

Choosing the food for your wedding or another special occasion isn’t easy. You need to consider your guests, the type of venue, the time of year as well as the style of event you are having.   So to get the most out of your tasting we’ve put together this short guide so you know what to expect:
  1. We’ll confirm the menu choices with you before your tasting so you know what you will be trying.
  2. We do our tastings in our commercial kitchen in Elsenham, where we have a tasting area set-up for you to relax and enjoy.
  3. Tasting Table at Perfect Day Caterers

    Wedding Tasting at Perfect Day Caterers

  4. Please arrive hungry! We will prepare full dishes for you to taste, presented as they would be on the day.
  5. Don’t be afraid to be honest. The tasting is an opportunity for you to try the dishes but also to change them if you don’t like them. We won’t be offended! Our aim is to make sure that you will love the food on the day, so speak now or forever hold your peace!
  6. Make the most of the opportunity to talk to our chef. It’s not often that you’ll get the chance to have a chef cook for you and only you. So if you’re into food then ask questions, all chefs love to talk about what they do, ours included!
  7. We take photos of all the dishes and make notes of any changes discussed at the tasting. We hold the photos and notes on file so you can be sure that the dishes and the presentation will be consistent when it comes to your special day.
  8. Rare Roast Beef Canape

  9. We’ll also ask you about your other plans for the day so we have a really good understanding of the style or theme of the day and how the food will fit in with everything else you have planned, so be ready to share with us.

If you’d like to arrange a tasting with us please get in touch to discuss availability and booking.